We want to remain what we are

One evening after work, I went to the tube station to start my usual journey home. My line was down. After weighing up a few alternative routes, I took another line to Hammersmith, and considered my next options. It was a choice between bus or taxi. I picked one. As I started towards the exit, … Continue reading We want to remain what we are


High Place of Sacrifice

On weekday mornings, my walk from home to tube station is a ritualistic exercise. Right at Marksbury, left at Atwood, right at Pensford, left at Nylands and finally, right at North. I walk on the right side of these roads, except for two short stretches, when I cross and walk on the left side. I … Continue reading High Place of Sacrifice

Like car parts, bottles and cutlery

Iceland reminded of a Netflix documentary I’d watched sometime ago. Titled Fittest on Earth, the show followed the 2015 CrossFit world championships. At the time, CrossFit was (and still is) a trendy fitness bandwagon, bulging at the seams with legions of devoted followers the world over. The championships featured the worthiest men and women left … Continue reading Like car parts, bottles and cutlery