Day of the Oxcart Driver

Some have two toes others have three but both kinds have extremely long tongues. Their flexible necks are also exceptions to the rule, enabling them to rotate their heads almost 360 degrees. Although they are land animals, they are three times faster in water, a feat guaranteed to impress no one because their ground speed … Continue reading Day of the Oxcart Driver


Mount Obama

The Notting Hill Carnival is on this weekend, I said, shall we go? Family response was tepid. Don’t you remember the last time we were there it was so crowded we could hardly move around. Happy to be talked out of a half-hearted suggestion – I remembered the last time quite well – I searched … Continue reading Mount Obama


A father and his young daughter drowned crossing the Rio Grande. Grim living conditions at detention centres. Fast track deportations. For many Central American migrants from the Northern Triangle (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras), different tragedies lie in wait at the end of a long, desperate road to the American Dream. However further south, the Nicaraguan … Continue reading Sandinista!