Toyota Wreck

A pub in Tyburnia was not where I’d imagined I would end up for Sudan, but a BBC video clip from April 2019 established a link – unable to find a Sudanese grocery, I would have settled for much less – to set me on my way. Released shortly after the country’s president was ousted … Continue reading Toyota Wreck

Kunta Kinteh Island

The aquatic heroics of a Berkshire woman in Mexico made news earlier in the week. She and her twin sister were swimming in a lagoon, when a crocodile attacked her sister and tried to drag her underwater. The woman managed to fend off the crocodile by repeatedly punching its nose and pulled her sister onto … Continue reading Kunta Kinteh Island

The fall from the highest point

Whenever politicians eat fast food on camera, it is usually to make the rest of us plebs relate to them. This tactic often backfires. Either unflattering photos of them negotiating messy burgers make the papers, or they get judged for overcompensating for their privileged backgrounds. At least the Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro had a good … Continue reading The fall from the highest point